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Virtual frosted glass provides visual privacy:

Video is mutual

1. Video is mutual

Only those who have turned on their cameras can see you.

2. You are frosted by default

Others see that you are present but don’t see the details of what you are doing at the moment.

You are blurred by default
Click to unblur

3. Click to unfrost

Click to gradually unfrost a colleague.

4. Confirm unfrost

You decide if you will be unfrosted or not.

Confirm your unblur

5. Different privacy levels

Choose a comfortable privacy level for your team.

Privacy levels
Different privacy levels
Video modes

6. Convenient video modes

You select a video mode (on the left) to be applied to every team member.

Convenient video modes

7. Equal sizes of everyone’s live videos

Size is the “distance” between colleagues.

You set up the size of live video feeds of all users.

Equal sizes of everyone's live videos
Customizable size of colleagues
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